ALShow 1.92

Free codecs included movie player

The ALShow codecs included movie player lets your watch all your videos, movies, and DVDs without searching for video codecs or audio codecs. From AVI to XviD, playing movies is first-click easy with codecs for all popular video, audio, and movie formats. ALShow also recognizes codecs that you do not have and automatically helps instantly install the right codecs. ALShow loads movies fast and plays movies smoothly.

No more video playback stuttering. Audio, video, and screen captures let you save portions of movies to share with friends. You can also import them to your favorite audio or video editor. Video looping lets you repeat parts of a movie. Captions and subtitles are supported for monitor and TV output. The ESC key hides ALShow when you are supposed to do homework. Click the tray icon to resume playing your DVD movie or video.



ALShow 1.92

User reviews about ALShow

  • gregbahun

    by gregbahun

    "about as feature rich as kmplayer, not as stylish"

    i have had my eyes on the folks over at altools for a few years now. i was using ALShow and loving it when VLC was the m... More.

    reviewed on January 5, 2010